The Timing of Nintendo’s Ruby/Sapphire Announcement Is Suspicious

Pokemon LookerThis morning, things looked dire for Nintendo. Their newly released financial reports revealed they’ve lost more than a billion dollars over the last three years. Even with Nintendo’s cash reserves, that’s a massive loss, and the internet was rife with doom and gloom predictions.

Then Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes were announced, and all was forgotten.

I’m as excited about returning to Hoenn as the next person, but the timing of it all is a little fishy. It’s not unusual for Nintendo to make big announcements out of nowhere, but it is a little strange for them to to make one a few hours after some bad news. Nintendo’s stock took a nosedive today, but maybe this helped soften the blow.

My suspicions are only intensified by the incredibly threadbare trailer. It looks like something thrown together in about five minutes. We don’t even get a glimpse of the new Hoenn. Compare it to the announcement trailer for Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It’s like night and day.

At the end of the day, I’m just happy to have more Pokémon in my life. I think Gen 3 is massively underrated, and I can’t wait to play through these games again. I’ll probably buy both copies on day one.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that something’s up. The timing is just a little too convenient.

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    Gen 3 isn’t under rated. Gen 3 sucked.

    But it did bring us Gardevoir, who is now a fairy princess. So I suppose I’m contractually obligated to love it.

    • Mandi Odoerfer

      Gen 3 had a ton of great Pokemon. Flygon, Altaria, Kyogre, Sableye, Cacturne. All the starters were awesome too. I think Treecko is my all-time favorite grass starter.

      I guess Gen 4 is probably the weakest, but it has Froslass and Looker, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

      • Khouli24

        Gen 3 did not suck. Maybe you are mistaking it for your mother who was a professional dick sucker?

        stupid b*itch

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    The starters in Gen 3 are all atrocious! They are fail starters, no matter how much the internet loves Mudkip.

    …I agree that Gen 4 is probably the weakest, though it brought us Heart Gold and Soul Silver, so that’s okay.