The Transformers: Devastation Trailer Fails to Not Suck

transformers devastationIn my book, there’s only been one stellar Transformers game to date: Atari’s PS2 title, which was appropriately titled Transformers. It’s the kind of series that should result in amazing games, but the titles I’ve played have been fairly lackluster. (I know a lot of people liked the War for Cybertron series, but I never found it at all engaging.)

Unfortunately Transformers: Devastation might be another mediocre giant robot game. It’s too early to make any definitive judgements, but from what I’ve seen, this game looks like a generic arena brawler in the vein of the Dragon Ball Z games (apologies to my DBZ-loving brother, Gabe Watkins).

If this trailer accurately represents this game, I doubt it will be up my alley. On the bright side, it probably won’t be royally fucked up as the Michael Bay Transformers movies were.

  • ZerkReaper

    Dude the best Transformers games were War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. Okay?

    Second, that Transformers game by Platinum Games actually looks alright.

  • Holonboy

    It probably won’t top the High Moon Studios games, but I trust Platinum to make a fun action game. I mean, even their poorly received Legend of Korra game wasn’t that bad and I actually enjoyed it. Hopefully Activision doesn’t rush Platinum again though….