The Witcher 3’s Physical Content Has Me Regretting My Digital Purchase

rsz_the-witcher-3-offers-more-for-gamers-who-prefer-physical-copies-of-the-gameI fucked up; no two ways around it.

During the lead-up to the release of The Witcher 3, I learned that the physical edition would be worth purchasing. The free content in the base box release went far beyond many collector’s edition of games.

There’s a map. Sure, it might not be as faithful to the in-game map as GTA V or even Skyrim, but I want it. I want the booklet that runs down plot points from previous games, the compendium of all things Witcher, foe and friend alike.

I most certainly want the CD soundtrack, are you kidding me? And fucking Witcher stickers?!?!

The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Geralt_ready_to_deliver_the_final_blowUgh. Why the hell did I buy the digital copy? I’ll tell you why: I’m lazy and I wanted to play at the earliest moment possiblet. Now I’m ruing the day I laid my eyes and mitts on Josh W.’s physical copy.

The only solution is to drop another $60 bucks on the physical copy and cry myself to sleep. At least it’ll be a mixture of sad tears and happy I-have-Witcher-stickers-tears.