Tim’s Top Twosday: Biggest Moments in Video Games


Hello again, and welcome back to Tim’s Top Twosday!

This week, I’ll illuminate two of the biggest moments in video games. I’m not talking about the things happening in the video game industry or the moments where I was in awe of technology; the following are just moments that really stuck with me.

So, without further ado, here are my top two biggest moments in games:

#2 Aeris’ Death (Final Fantasy VII)

tt_gm_0This couldn’t have been ignored. In a series that’s never been shy about killing off its main characters, like Tellah or Galuf, the cinematic style and timing of Aeris’ death really make this scene stand out.

This is an innocent girl, the last surviving member of her race, who is just barely starting to crack the hardened shell of our spiky-haired Cloud. Then, out of nowhere, the villain falls from the sky and runs her through. Pair those visuals with the heart-wrenching tune that plays as Cloud gives her a sort-of-viking burial and you’ve got yourself an emotional moment so powerful that for years, fans circled theories about how to bring Aeris back to life.

#1 The Last Room (Gone Home)

tt_gm_1After learning that the protagonist’s younger sister was in an emotionally tight spot, you have no idea what you’re going to find when you finally reach the attic. I can’t describe how hard my heart was pumping, or how sweaty my hands were, as I ascended those stairs.

The last hour of Gone Home was one of the most harrowing, yet satisfying, chunks of time that I’ve ever spent in the shoes of another character. But I won’t tell you what’s revealed in that attic, because it’s something that you should really experience for yourself.

So those were, for me, two of the biggest moments in games. Be sure to come back next Twosday when I’ll discuss my top two gaming letdowns!