Tips and Tricks for Living It up in Dying Light

DyingLight-ArtIn Dying Light, it can be a challenge just to stay alive. In order to stay in the game — and get the most out of it — I’ve come up with a few useful play strategies. Some of these tips and tricks are what you’d call common sense, but they’ve definitely increased my enjoyment of the game.

Map Out Your Courses

dying light cityGetting through biter territory can be rough, especially when it’s dark outside. Before I head out on a journey, I look over my map and search for platforms zombies aren’t likely to spawn on. Most of the time, you won’t see zombies on thin walls or rooftops. More importantly, they won’t be able to spot you.

It’s also important to know what platform you’ll be jumping to next. Free running is a major part of the game, and you want to make sure you can maintain the momentum of your parkour.

Smash the Search Button

dying light carsMake the area-search highlight your new best friend. Nearly every time I hit it, I find something I can loot from, like a payphone or small box. Now that I use the search button more frequently, I have more money and materials to work with.

Let Yourself Go

Dying LightSometimes, death is unavoidable. If you’re close to your last safehouse, it’s often better to let yourself die rather than reach for a medkit. The alcohol and gauze needed to make these isn’t exactly common, especially early on. It’s KEY to save them for when they’re really needed, like when you’re this close to completing an objective or securing another safehouse.

Find Ways to Explore

dying light old townWhen death is lurking around every corner, it can be hard to kick back and enjoy the scenery. Still, Dying Light is a goddamn beautiful game, and you should give yourself a chance to take it in.

Try finding a safe spot where you won’t be chased, and just spend a few minutes looking around. Watch the floating debris waft around, listen to the wails of distant zombies, or admire the gorgeously-crafted textures and effects. This is a true next-gen game, and it’s worth slowing down to enjoy it.



Dying Light is fantastic, and you should make sure you enjoy it as much as you can. Think of these tips as the ice cream on top of your pie — something that will enhance an already great experience. Enjoy your time in Harran, and try to stay alive.