Tommy Refenes: Secret Team Meat Project Coming to PS4?

Tommy Refenes: Secret Team Meat Project Coming to PS4?Those lovable rapscallions at Team Meat have been at it again; Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen have been answering questions from fans on their Tumblr accounts.

When asked about his thoughts on the Wii U, Tommy responded with a couple paragraphs of uncertainty about Nintendo’s future. Of course, the most interesting thing he said had nothing to do with Wii U at all; he mentioned the prospect of bringing a secret Team Meat game to PS4. His words:

Personally, I’m considering putting at least one of the two secret Team Meat games on PS4…Sony seems to be doing the best right now and have the best developer support of the 3 with Microsoft being second. My bias against Microsoft and their bias against Team Meat prevents an XB1 release, but that could change in the future.

So, there’s not just one, but two secret Team Meat projects underway right now, and one of them could end up on the PS4. Super cool.

Going back to the original question, how ’bout that Wii U?

I’m open to it though not counting on or actively pursuing it. As for the WiiU, I can’t justify the work at this time. It would not be a financially smart thing to do.

You can read the full response on Tommy’s Tumblr.