Top Twosday: Comic Book Fatties

Fatties have it rough in comic books. There’s never been a lot of them, and the few there are usually tend to be joke characters or strength-themed villains on a team or something. DC used to have Amanda Waller, a bad-ass fatty who talked shit to Batman and ran the world, but they decided to make her a smokin’ hotty for their New 52 initiative.

In honor of Fat Waller’s death, I bring you two of the best, most underrated fatties in comics history.

#1 Chunk (Wally West-Era Flash)

Chester P. Runk was a big fat scientist with a boatload of social disorders who fucked up one of his experiments and got a matter transmitter stuck in his stomach, turning him into a kind of walking black hole. From then on he needed to eat precious metals to keep himself from imploding and getting trapped in the pocket universe that formed in his tummy. So he called himself “Chunk,” went out into Central City, and started robbing banks for their tasty jewels and sending bullies to his belly dimension.

How fucking great is that?!

Chunk had a whole redemption arc in The Flash, where Wally West helped him get his powers under control, reform his criminal ways, and start eating garbage instead of diamonds, just like a real hero. He hasn’t been seen since.

#2 Big Bertha (Great-Lakes Avengers)

Big Bertha is a mutant–or maybe an “Inhuman” these days, who knows/cares–fatty in the often overlooked spin-off team, the Great Lakes Avengers. Technically she’s not a pure fat, because when she’s not using her mutant gifts, she looks like a straight up super model. But when she wants to get serious about shit and start punching on guys with names like “Unus the Untouchable” and “Batroc the Leaper,” she turns into a big ol’ behemoth.

With her increase in size and cholesterol comes a surge of strength, endurance, and, I imagine, an unquenchable desire for Baconators. Like all fat people in Marvel, she is not allowed on any non-joke Avengers teams or comics.