Trials Fusion Wins The Award For Best Worst Theme Song Ever Made

Trials Fusion screenshotSo I’m officially obsessed with Trials Fusion.

It stealthily released the other day on PS4 digital storefront (as well as in physical retail form), even though the official release date was April 16th.  The online network for the game was down most of the day too, meaning leaderboards and multiplayer were borked for its supposed-but-not-quite release day.

Anyway, confusion aside, I grabbed it, expecting to get sucked into a perfectionist’s paradise. And yes, there are motorcycles, there are extreme ramps and jumps, there are crazy epic tricks to be performed. Everything you’d expect from a Trials game.

What I didn’t expect was that theme song.

Right when you hit the title screen, the arpeggiated melody begins fading in. The wavering synth builds, the bass starts to thump, and then the autotuned-to-hell vocals hit you like a ton of bricks.


It’s as if it were created by someone whose entire iTunes playlist is Paul Stanley’s “Live to Win” and “Push It to the Limit” from the film Scarface. It’s so cheesy, so blatantly over-the-top…

And I can’t get it out of my goddamn head.

The rest of the soundtrack is appropriately wobble-bassy – the electronic music sound du jour. But I will never forget this theme song. It will be the song that plays at my funeral. It will bring peace between nations. It is the song Bill and Ted would have made if we got a third movie.

It is, without a doubt, the best worst video game theme song ever made. And I love it.

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    The synth-xylophone part reminds me of the intro to Final Fantasy games.

  • mrluvvaluvva

    It’s an amazing theme! Proper J-pop cheese, futuristic!