Trophies Feel More Satisfying than Achievements Ever Did

Trophy 1I’ve been gaming on an Xbox 360 for the better part of the last 8 or so years. During that time, I’ve amassed a decent amount of “Achievements” to reflect my many, well, achievements.

However, with my recent acquisition of a PS4, I’ve been unlocking “Trophies” instead, and although they essentially function the same way as “Achievements” do, I’m still getting used to the announcement in the upper-left corner of my screen.

Trophy 3To be perfectly honest, I always thought the term “Trophies” was kind of silly. I mean, there’s no actual physical trophy you can put on display. Achievements are just what they sound like: A non-material entity that denotes an accomplishment.

But the more I see the word “Trophy,” the more I feel like I’ve achieved something greater, that I’m being rewarded with more than just some kind of symbolic recognition.

Trophy 4

It’s all quite silly of course, I know. Still, the feeling of pride I get when I see that I’ve unlocked a “Trophy” makes it seem as if I was not only in a heated competition, but managed to come out on top.

  • Blake Steil

    I could not disagree with you more. I have a passing interest in trophies when the pop up, but I still get a bit of a thrill whenever I get an achievement notification.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      I’m on Team Trophy. Sony’s Trophy interface is far more accessible and intuitive than MS’s Achievement interface. Plus, that ding sound, man!

      • Blake Steil

        Xbox keeps updating the app. When you unlock something it now tells you the title of the achievement and how you unlocked it in the little notification. I don’t think Sony does that yet.

        And the Xbox “ding” is a far superior sound, but that’s likely just a matter of opinion.

        • Josh Wirtanen

          My “Achievement” experience is with the 360, so I’m comparing 360 to PS3 here, but the basic layout of trophies (in one column) is easier to read than the layout of achievements (which are set up in a tile layout).

          The order of Trophies never changes, whether you unlock them or not, so it’s far easier to intuit which trophies you’re missing for story events, and which are for other, more secret things, even when the trophy is hidden. On the 360, the order of the tiles changes based on when you earned the corresponding achievement, making it harder to tell that you’ve missed an important story event.

          Comparing trophies with your friends is super easy, due to the column-like layout that never changes its order. For me, this is the main selling point of trophies over achievements, since I spend a lot of time comparing my trophies with my friends’ trophies. (It’s partly a “Ha! So-and-so hasn’t gotten this one yet!” thing, but it’s also helpful when there’s a trophy you’ve missed and you can call up your friend and ask them how they got it. Or if you do a lot of co-op trophy runs, it’s easier to figure out which trophies you both need.)

          And the Platinum. Man, getting the Platinum is far more rewarding than just reaching the 100% point on an achievement. In fact, PS games that have no Plat are less fun for me to 100% than PS games that have a Plat.

          And I still stand behind the PS ding. But, like you said, personal preference.