Until Dawn Looks Like the Saw Game I Always Wanted

Until Dawn

If you’re like me when you see certain types of movies you inevitably say to yourself, “man, this would make a great game”. I felt that way when I first watched Saw, and then the game version came out it was pretty lousy.

Well it looks like I’m finally being treated to that Saw game I’ve always wanted but never quite got with the new title Until Dawn. And let me say that his game looks grisly, taught and visually impressive. I’m gonna need to pack a spare set of undies.

I can’t tell you how happy I am for the renaissance of survival horror games that we are experiencing as of late. The market is being flooded with these suckers and each new installment in the genre seems to only get better and more intense than the one before it, and Until Dawn is looking like another stand out title.

The ability to navigate through a web of decisions to help each of the 8 main characters survive this hellish night, with the possible outcome that all of them could live or die, sounds intriguing and highly unpredictable and entertaining. And as an avid, vocal “Don’t go in there!” kind of a horror fan I can’t wait to finally have direct input into whether or not they actually go in there.