Vertiginous Golf Attempts to Fill the Dystopian Steampunk Mini-Golf-Shaped Hole in Our Hearts

Vertiginous GolfI’ve recently been made aware of Vertiginous Golf, which was described to me as a “dystopian steampunk mini-golf game.” Now that I’ve heard that phrase, I can’t imagine how my life ever felt complete before “dystopian steampunk mini-golf game” was a thing.

Of course, with a premise so bizarre, Vertiginous Golf is bound to have skeptics. But before writing this off as just too weird to work, check out the trailer. It shows a hell of a lot of promise.


The game is available on Steam Early Access right now, which includes online multiplayer, a course creator, and, weirdly enough, Oculus Rift support.

So go check it out. You’ll want to get in on the ground level of what could potentially be the next niche craze all your steampunk hipster friends will soon be raving about.