Videogame Boss Music Is the Best Way to Get Pumped

Bravely Default battleWhen you work as a freelancer, a lack of motivation can leave you unable to pay your bills. But some mornings, a cup of coffee and a hot shower just isn’t enough. I need something extra to get me working. Something that will give me the confidence to take on the day. Or take on a videogame boss.

Lately, my preferred tune has been “Serpent Eating the Ground”, an epic ditty from the upcoming Bravely Default. What’s great about this song is that it gets me more and more motivated as it goes on. Just when I think I can’t get anymore pumped, something new kicks in and I’m lifted even higher.

Of course, I was using videogame boss music to pump myself up long before Bravely Default came along. As a youth, I couldn’t instantly access any song on YouTube, but I could stick “The Fierce Battle” on a mix tape.

Okami‘s “Rising Sun” is both calming and inspiring, which is a really terrific mix.

And when I feel like hiding under my covers all day, “Ancient Disputation” is the song that convinces me to face the world.

Boss music is meant to psych you up enough to battle gigantic monsters or save the planet. It makes writing an article or doing a load of laundry feel like the easiest thing in the world. Sure, it can be cheesy and over the top, but that’s part of the appeal. Sometimes, over the top is what you need to get you going on a rough day.