Walkthrough: How to Beat the Epilogue in Metrico

Metrico EpilogueOne of the biggest trouble spots in Metrico for a lot of people is the “Epilogue” scene, in which you have to choose between a pink door and a blue door. Both doors pull away from you as you walk toward them, and they’ll raise up to unreachable heights if you jump.

Every world has a scenario like this at the end of it, and every one has a pie chart that shows which percentage of users chose each door. In this case, however, there’s a third option on the pie chart, suggesting that there’s a yellow door as well.

To make it appear, all you have to do is wait. Just put your Vita down and wait for the yellow door to appear. It will take several minutes, but that’s it.

How are you supposed to figure this out? I’m not really sure. I’m guessing you’ll eventually put your Vita down in frustration as you search the Internet for an answer, and while you’re searching, the door will magically appear.

It’s not completely unprecedented, however, as it seems to be a nod at the waterfall scene in Earthbound, in which you must wait three minutes before you can enter the secret area.

Earthbound PasswordThe glitch out seems like it might be a reference to Fez, but I’m not entirely sure about that one.

Oh, and if you’re stuck on the final stage before the Epilogue, here’s a walkthrough on how to get through that part too.