Watch Dogs is Delayed, Making This Ad Silly

Ubisoft has delayed Watch Dogs until Spring of 2014.

Many people seem to be indifferent in regards to the delay. Gamers are becoming understanding of the fact that a few extra months of polish can do wonders; just look at BioShock Infinite. Reviewers are happy that it’s one less game on their incredibly busy schedule this fall.

You know who isn’t entirely happy? Ubisoft’s marketing team. This picture still exists:

Watch Dogs is Delayed, Making This Ad Silly The ad was a clever shot at Grand Theft Auto V. The two games were supposed to launch two months apart. You’d spend your time with GTA V before moving on to “bigger and better things” with Watch Dogs. The delay, however, will extend that Los Santos visit by a few extra months. Sure, it gives Watch Dogs time to escape the shadow of one major release, but it just moved into the shadow of another.