Watch GeekParty’s Newly Minted Game Show Right Now!

Today, GeekParty lost its live-streaming virginity with a brand new game show on Twitch. If you missed the festivities, I have some good news; we used some magical video-recording technologies to capture the entire show. So, you can watch it at your leisure.

If you’re on the fence about pressing the play button, here’s a list of things you can expect from this episode:

  • Waiting for people to join
  • Some stellar hosting by our man, Tyler Workman.
  • Clicking Keyboards.
  • An embarrassing lack of Baconator jokes.
  • A strange obsession with Canada.
  • Racism, obviously, since the internet is filled with truly terrible people.

Check it out:

Watch live video from geekpartylive on

Tyler’s game show will happen every Sunday. Follow us on Twitch to catch the next episode, along with a handful of other streaming goodies.