What Happened to Commander Shepard After Mass Effect 3?

Last week saw the release of the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 by BioWare, expanding on the “lackluster” endings the game originally had. This means that everyone is happy now, right? Hello?

Let’s start with the good: We do get a little bit of explaining regarding exactly why the Normandy was fleeing the scene, as well as a brand new ending that lets us refuse the words of the all-knowing Starchild. The rest? Well…

Look, it’s wonderful that there are epilogues for all the endings now. It’s great that we get to check in to see what everyone’s doing with the war now over. But isn’t that what actual DLC is for? If anything, for every question answered by the Extended Cut, a new one arises.

Let’s start with the planet the Normandy crash landed on. We were led to believe that this is where civilization would start anew, bringing in a new world without synthetics, with synthetics under our control, or with a merging of organics and synthetics. Now we’re leaving it? It’s almost as if they’ve already completely retconned the game’s ending, which was, as you may remember, already rewritten (Reapers were connected with dark matter in the original ending). In addition, there’s still the little matter of Shepard breathing in air post Starchild incident, which is not only now not resolved, but also compounded by the fact that we now know that all races left the Sol cluster. Sure, the mass relays may be being rebuilt, but Shepard is still stranded.

Then there’s my personal position that there’s nothing quite wrong with the endings in the first place. For as much flak as they got, the controversial endings sparked much fan debate and speculation, as well as debate over what may happen next, since, you know, we’re still awaiting playable DLC. In addition, we need to remember that in terms of a trilogy, the final chapter is often an ending as a whole; we got a resolution to the genophage, the Geth/Quarian conflict, the Cerberus threat, as well as various other plotlines we’ve encountered between characters in all three games.  Instead of taking the time to write out an epilogue, which the Extended Cut essentially is, why not make something that’s playable so it’s more substance than just style?

The Extended Cut DLC was supposed to give us answers. Instead it still leaves me wondering: What happens to Shepard?

  • Austin


    Apparently Shepard dies unless you choose the destroy ending now, which is complete bull, because he survived in a few of the others if your score was high enough, not just one. This is especially aggravating for anyone who poured anything into saving the Geth, because the Synthesis ending, which is arguably the only logical ending besides Destroy, results in the death of Shepard, and is the only way to save the Geth without controlling the Reapers and (possibly) becoming evil and junk. It’s so aggravating to me that they had this whole “Synthetics are totally evil” subplot at the end, when you learn that the Geth aren’t all evil and actually help them to essentially be alive, only to have them all destroyed. Sigh…oh Bioware…


  • r3dman

    I’m still not sure what to choose. Don’t want to kill the geth, don’t want green glowing eyes and I also believe that Control is a dumb option, since all ME3 long they try to convince you that the path taken by the Illusive Man is not the right one. Try to think you are actually there and the kid tells you that you can control the reapers but TIM couldn’t because he was indoctrinated. Would anyone (in real life) choose to trust the kid, who is also the voice of the Reapers, after seeing what happened to Saren and TIM. Come on!

    And also try to remember how brutal the Reapers were with the races they “helped ascend”. I would never trust the kid.

    I guess I would tell the kid to go f himself! So you know what I’m tempted to choose. :)