What’s Up with Stranded Deep’s Physics?

Stranded Deep IslandThe physics in Stranded Deep are a disaster.

I prefer game physics that are at least moderately realistic or manage to have some sort of internal consistency, and Stranded Deep does neither of these things. I mean, when you can grab a dead shark and fly away on it, something might be a bit off, right?

And I’m not alone in this. Many YouTubers, including PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, have attempted to tackle the game, and far too often they end up messing with the bad physics engine rather than trying to accomplish any of the game’s goals. It’s starting to feel like Skate 3 or Amazing Frog?, where the primary appeal is to see what sorts of crazy and hilarious situations happen as a result of mechanics that are pretty much broken.

Stranded Deep has potential, but that potential won’t be reached if the devs don’t address the problems with the physics engine. When my raft shoots out from under me at the speed of sound, I’m ripped away from what should have been a smooth experience.

Stranded Deep DrowningLet’s be honest here: Stranded Deep isn’t the next big thing in gaming. But it’s at least decent to look at, and, with the more realistic game experience that could be had with refined physics, this could really be something. Heed my advice, BEAM Team Games, and fix this. You’re onto something here.