Who Should Join the Last of Us Cast?

The Last of UsI’m the sort of person who starts casting movies in my head long before they’re announced. Figuring out the right actor for a role is like a game for me. Naturally, I wanted to try my hand at casting the Last of Us movie, and I think I did a decent job.

Who Should Play Ellie?

I know what you’re going to say, but no, Ellen Page should not play Ellie. She’s a great actress, and she looks the part, but she’s also 27. She can play younger than her age, but she’s still too old for the role.

Ellie Last of Us movieImage from The Possession

My pick would be a little-known actress named Natasha Calis. I saw her in The Possession, and she was the only remarkable thing about it. She has a fantastically expressive face and tons of range, both of which will help bring Ellie to life. Incidentally, The Possession was produced by Sam Raimi, which means she already has a connection to the film’s director.

Who Should Play Joel?

There are quite a few actors who could do Joel justice. Joel’s voice actor Troy Baker has said that he sees Josh Brolin in the role, and every actor who’s ever worn a beard has been suggested for the part. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Russell Crowe, and Jon Hamm are all excellent actors, and any of them would do a great job with Joel.

Thomas Jane BeardImage from lullabyes.net

Still, Thomas Jane is the actor I can’t get out of my head. He’s proven he can play gruff, badass, and tortured with ease, but most importantly, he’s shown that he’s an incredibly talented actor. There’s a special quality he could bring to the part that I don’t think many other actors could. Plus, he was on Arrested Development. That has to count for something.

Who else should join The Last of Us Cast?

Once you have Joel and Ellie, you have a movie, but there are still other characters left to cast. From the Fireflies to Joel’s daughter Sarah, a strong supporting cast will help make the film great.

Freema AgyemanImage from Fanpop

I’ll watch Lena Headey in almost anything, and she’d make a great Tess. Doctor Who‘s Freema Agyeman would be perfect as Marlene, and I could see Jim Beaver as Bill. The Last of Us is full of small but pivotal roles, and the supporting cast will need talented actors.

Also, Bruce Campbell should be in there somewhere. He and Sam Raimi are a great combination.

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    Gina Torres needs to play Marlene. Or, alternatively, they could just get the woman who played Marlene to play Marlene. She was pretty fantastic.