Why Is the PC vs Consoles Debate So Heated?

The Languid Gamer vs. Fallout 3Recently, a buddy of mine posted something on Facebook claiming Sony was crazy for passing on EA Access. He was over the moon about the service, and couldn’t believe Sony doesn’t offer it to their consumer base. As his friend, I was excited for him, even if I personally wasn’t interested — at least not yet — in signing.

But then who just had to step in with his two cents no one asked for? You guessed it, Mr. Petulant PC Gamer, that’s who.

“Wah! Both consoles are inferior to the graphics of my rig. Wah! Their processors are a joke compared to my rig. Wah! PC gaming rules! Wah wah wah!”

Why is it that every time someone says something positive about console gaming (that is in no way negative towards PC gaming in any way, shape, or form), at least one of these holier-than-thou computer gaming enthusiasts comes crawling out of the woodwork to pooh-pooh from on high?

Laughing Girls BioShock

“He says he plays games on consoles!”

The comment posted was in no way anti-PC gaming. My buddy wasn’t comparing the stats of PCs to that of his Xbox One. He simply stated that he was overjoyed by the prospect of EA Access.

What is it with this particular sect of video game players that causes such a rain-on-your-parade, sourpuss attitude? If your rig is so superior, why the inferiority complex?

I don’t hate on PCs or anyone that chooses to game on one, although I’m sure I’m going to get some comments that accuse me of just that. I simply wonder why in almost every thread or post or article about a particular console is someone trumpeting the almighty PC.

I’m sure gaming PCs are great. For those prices, they’d better fucking cure cancer. And I’m sure that for the folks that game on them, a keyboard and mouse is the only way to play. But just because some of us prefer the simplicity of a console or the feel of a controller, or just don’t want to be bothered with configuring the machine we play on, doesn’t mean we need to be reminded of how pure PC. gaming is.

We get it; you’re king shit of fuck mountain. Now how about you ease up on your diehard devotion to PC gaming and let the rest of us enjoy our pathetic consoles in peace? Thanks.

  • Guest

    $0N¥ PauperStation desperation is why. $0N¥ paupers think their PoS4 hardware can do what a gaming PC can do and it can’t, which makes them cry.

    • Alcoholic Luigi

      I love how the first comment on this article was someone doing the exact thing Julian was complaining about.