Why the New 3DS Has Me Excited

Luigi miiI just discovered that a New 3DS is coming out, which boasts some fairly impressive upgrades. I have to say, this has me pretty excited.

“But Alcoholic Luigi,” I can hear you thinking (because I’m psychic), “I thought you disliked modern gaming! Why would you be excited about a new handheld?!”

The answer is simple. It’s because now, the old 3DS will actually be affordable to buy used.

luigi 3dsI don’t have a lot of money, folks. GeekParty currently pays me in power mushrooms and hookers dressed like Ganondorf, and the local GameStop is surprisingly unwilling to accept either of those as payment. That means I have to buy all my gaming supplies used.

So when a new system comes out, I know I’ll soon be able to afford the older version of the system. I can’t wait, because I’ll finally be able to play Pokemon X and Y, as well as…


…Huh. Apparently that’s the only game I want to play on the 3DS. Well, it’ll still be great.